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IMG_3734Here’s what I’m reading this week. I received Kinfolk Table for christmas which I was hugely excited about and I picked up some magazines to keep me occupied this week. That and a wonderfully weird Murakami that I picked up whilst in Daunt Books in Marylebone the other day.

Kinfolk Table

Murakami, The Strange Library

Wonderland Magazine

Cereal Magazine

Vanity Fair

HAY tray and Mast Brothers Chocolate

Griddled Butternut Squash, Goat’s cheese and olive



After visiting Daylesford Organic Farm, and purchasing their gorgeous cookbook along the way,

I decided to give it a go | And it was good.

Pictured above is Daylesford’s griddled butternut squash, caramelised red onion, goat’s cheese and olive salad.

Tasty and then some.

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