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 On Sunday, my sister and I went into Brixton for lunch. We went on a quest for dumplings – naturally Mama Lan is the place to go,  where you can watch mama Lan herself in the back making hand made dumplings right before you. Its like a little slice of Beijing in South London and in our book Mama Lan is the best restaurant in the market – their king prawn and water chestnut dumplings can’t be beaten…They’ve recently extended their menu and now do noodle soups too, much to my sisters excitement.

Wearing: Coat and skirt from &Other Stories, turtleneck from Topshop, Necklace bought in Sweden.

London Lunch

Recommending: Lisa’s, Portobello

This small swedish kitchen in Notting Hill is a white washed heaven, and the foods pretty great too!


Lisa'sPictured here eating Pytt I Panna (fried potato, ham and swedish sausage)


Crystal Palace Market

interior market


b:w burger

Token embarrassing burger eating photograph necessary @ the Crystal Palace Market we’ve just discovered.

I devoured the best blue cheese burger (#eatclean) ergo satisfied eyes. The interiors are cool and stylish and the food is great. With other ‘markets’ yet to follow in Fulham and beyond, you can see why their business will flourish. With all their freshly and locally sources food, its making Crystal Palace a number one food destination for people all over London.

p.s. I’m going back for brunch soon. It’s a good job this place is only 10 minutes from my home (LUCKY ME!)



Wearing: Top from Zara, Point Sur denim from J.Crew, Chloe bag.



This additional market/fishmongers is just next door to the restaurant as well.

A great place to get fresh fish (= I was also sizing up lots of amazing looking fish dishes on the menu, naturally) and lots of chutneys, jams and fruit and vegetables. Get yo ass down there!

Over And Out.




Bonnie Gull

Making W1 seem that little bit closer to the ocean on a sunny day.

I opted for their Hake, octopus and chorizo dish

(Don’t be put off by the black goo – tastes like magic).


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